Kamalakshi Finance Corporation Limited was founded in 1973 by Mr. Laxmikant J. Tanna. Tanna family is one of the esteemed business houses in India. Tanna’s mission is to deliver very best to its customers’ shareholders and employees bearing in mind its commitment to the welfare of the society at large. Tanna values are all about integrity, commitment, zeal and speed.

Kamalakshi is a professionally managed company with an independent Board of Directors who are not only doyen's in their respective fields of excellence, but also bring in a rare brand of expertise and commitment to the company that helps us forge ahead consistently. Yes, they are introducing automation in trading to save time and effort. Visit https://www.aktienboard.com/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-up/ to learn about the automation process that they are planning to inegrate.

Kamalakshi has remain unperturbed and has continued to grow, as greed is not our driving force, viewing ourselves as facilitators in the process of financial empowerment with our partners jagoinvestor.com and aksjebloggen.com more...

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