Board of Directors

Mr. Arvind Kumar Upadhyay
Mr. Arvind Upadhyay is appointed as additional director on the board on 14/10/2011, he is also been appointed as Compliance Officer of the company. He is an extremely strong administrator and has been instrumental in his career graph. He has been in the financing business since his childhood and now has vast experience in all financial matters.

Mr. Suneel Kumar Upadhyay
Mr. Suneel Upadhyay is appointed on the Board on 11/11/2011. He provides administration support and having few years of experience in the field, he is committed to providing a high quality of service to clients.

Mr. Chandresh Upadhyay
Mr. Chandresh Upadhyay appointed as additional director on the Board on 05/09/2012.His passion is the study of management systems and the art of minimising risk in normal business transactions.

Mr. Kailash Kahar- Independent Director

Mr. Bhupendra Thakur- Independent Director.

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